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In peace.   Hurry is my Enemy

It was after traveling around South Africa that I wandered into one of my favorite types of stores - a bookstore - and bought a book that came into my life in a season of rebuilding. I had just left several weeks in Mozambique, not my first trip there but definitely the most surprising one.

The year before I had traveled a lot, worked around the world from my northern California base, and let stress get the best of me leading to an afternoon rush to the hospital and that night open-heart surgery to do a bypass.

So, this book that I picked-up during this season in South Africa titled 'Soul Keeping: Caring For the Most Important Part of You" It impacted me profoundly and I made a one sentence impact statement as part of implementing it into my way of life.  I paraphrased the book with the  mantra 'hurry is my enemy' and that has helped me face the challenges in relationships and business with clarity. We've each got to slow down, enjoy life, expect great things, and do all we can to see others around us and truly bring out the gold in them.

"The phrase 'hurry is my enemy' has helped me face the challenges in relationships and business with clarity."

After over twenty years of working around the world I have a passion for protecting people from harm where ever they are from and wherever they are going. I'm a justice fighter with a deep commitment to provide for those who don't have a voice; in particular in combatting human trafficking.

Faith sustains me, my zeal for life awakens me, and my awareness that each day is better than the next is a belief that drives me into the future.

Family and friends are a force that fuels and fulfills me. Truly blessed to have a wife and business partner that is a best friend, intellectually stimulating and a global travel companion; along with three adventurous children.