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Int'l Travel & Health Insurance Journal: Building the right digital solution

In an editorial pice in this industry journal,Andrew discusses the evolution of travel and health insurance provision, and how the chasm between insurer and customer can be bridged effectively to reach and engage with a more globally mobile workforce.  Insured Nomads.  Implement of available technologies and integrations are essential for adequately providing solutions for the rapidly changing future of work.

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Forbes: Health Insurance for the new workforce of digital nomads

Travel and tech journalist, Mike Swigunski, brings focus on the globally distributed and remote insurtech, Insured Nomads. The needs of the changing face of the workforce have not been adequately met by the medical only approach that the global medical insurance industry has used for decades. Insured Nomads brings a wholistic approach with mental health, safety, security and convenience services.

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hypepotamus: Southeast's innovation news

Atlanta tech journalist, Maija Ehlinger, brings focus on the Birmingham, Alabama insurtech, Insured Nomads. While remote, the roots go deep in the Southeast. Having closed an investment round that included Hustle Fund, Mucker Capital, BP Capital Management, Awesome People Ventures, and investors from 5 countries that will help propel product innovation and growth in preparation for a seed round raise in June 2021.

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Insurance Technology Association

The Editor in Chief, Laura Toops interviews Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski (President & Chief Innovation Officer) of Insured Nomads on the technological innovations needed in global benefits. Read more about the innovations that Insured Nomads and the team have integrated to establish an advanced tech-enabled bundle of services that is paired with their insurance policies as birthed from their own engineering environment they call Juvo Innovation Lab.

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Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal, Expat Chronicles journalist Debra Bruno so masterfully writes on "Expat Nostalgia: Keeping Your International Adventure Alive Back Home". She interviewed expats around the world including Andrew, who has lived/worked across five continents with extended stays in many countries.

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Remote Tribe Life

RemoteTribeLife, the leading magazine for the location independent professionals. Digital nomads and the location-independent come to for interviews, resources and articles as a guide for the tips and tricks for successful cross-border living.

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