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How 2020 Brought Clarity for Many

Andrew Jernigan
Dec 31, 2020

A Season of Strategy

It was a year unlike anyone ever expected. I had heard people say it would be a year of clarity using the 20/20 vision analogy. Yes, many saw their lives change tragically and were surprised with unexpected shifts in the season. I've held life very loosely over the last seven years and expected great things each day and most times have been able to reach the end of the day having learned and seen the beautiful sunset inspite of a storm that may have come through the day.

Daring to Dream & Deliver on the Dreams

There was job loss for some due to industries being affected negatively by the pandemic.  Death and sickness for others due to strains on our healthcare system and COVID-19, and just the normal flows of illness and passings. Inconvenience was seen by most around the world during 2020. It's often true that when faced with challenges certain individuals will opt to confront their desires to make a difference and do something radical.

In the face of impossible odds, people who love their calling can change the problems.

Are you one of the ones that dared to step into your future with clarity and manifest the future you have envisioned and hoped for? I know that faith rose up with me into a wave that bounded onto the shores of the sands of the season bringing strategy for success. I referenced the word faith as that truly is what it was for myself and many as faith shows the reality of what we hope for, it is the evidence of things we cannot see (TPT).

However 2020 affected your life I encourage you to find the strength to win the day, win the battle, win your life. Don't let fear or loss determine the future and living.

Andrew Jernigan
Andrew is a global citizen; home among those who make a difference in changing what tomorrow will become. CEO of Insured Nomads.

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