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Insured Nomads turns 2: Forward Looking & Reflecting

Andrew Jernigan
Oct 30, 2021

Two years ago, we officially launched Insured Nomads.

It all started with an audacious goal: to design and build protection for those working away from home - the cross-border citizen, globally mobile, expat, location-independent, digital nomad, traveler - that goes far beyond anything that is currently available in a frictionless and advanced delivery experience. Billions of people worldwide need more that what has been available and we set out to build it.

As a technical founder, I was building in public, a pre-pandemic startup (yes, we began five months before pandemic was declared) and it has not been without it's challenges. Today I reflect with you on the process of building a fully remote, globally distributed company over these last two years, and provide a look into what is ahead.

Yes, plenty of people were skeptical of our vision in that first year. It was Markus Zettner (who built the global provider and vendor networks for Cigna Global, AIG, MetLife Expat and UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions) and myself, along with my partner and co-founder Juliana Jernigan (global health and travel medicine physician) at the start to build out the capacity partnerships, network and third party administrators. We took our beta products online and during the pandemic implemented service at new levels with WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, chat along with phone assistance that carried us through the pandemic with a 5 star rating by those we served during a tough season in the world. We implemented the WalletPass℠ digital policy card right from the start so that when our insured need to access their information and reach us they have us in their smartphone wallet next to their boarding pass and hotel loyalty program cards.

Allen Koski joined us on October 1st, 2020 as President & Chief Innovation Officer after years at Cigna Global and UnitedHealthcare Global. It has been amazing having his expertise since he has had decades as an industry thought leader. The re-engineering of the delivery, design and distribution of global health, safety, well-being, security and comfort features was kicked into high gear with the launch of the Juvo Innovation Lab.

It was in that same month of October, a year ago that we began to get the attention of advisors and investors, both angel and institutional. Hustle Fund was one of the first, and not long after Mucker Capital, BP Capital Management, and Awesome People Ventures. In the months to follow we received investments just under $2,000,000 in our pre-seed round and gained further advisors. Today, I take this moment to thank Matt Sherman (Seedscout), Eric Ries (Lean Startup & Long Term Stock Exchange), Ali Moiz and John Hancock (Stonks), Sam Parr and Joe Speizer and so many others that have believed in the need for building the solution for coverage for the new generation of the workforce as the future of work shifts in front of us.

During this last year we were able to launch a membership program which is managed by our Juvo Innovation Lab with components from numerous high level technologies that provide access to features and benefits empowered by subject matter experts, machine learning and artificial intelligence - INC/Insured Nomads Community - has over 40 benefits in a non-insured service offering that has surpassed my expectations beyond my wildest imaginations and new technologies from IBM Watson are being implemented in the coming days, and others in the weeks and months ahead.

The insured solutions that we were able to get into the market are excellent and I take this moment thank VYV Groupe / CNP Assurances for their faith and willingness to partner for our global medical insurance for both the individual and group coverage solutions, and PCU / HDI who power our travel insurance for individuals and groups.

Now, as we have entered into our next level of growth for scaling, hiring new team members around the world, building our our market capabilities (brokered and embedded / API integrations), and venturing into new regions and product types we are strengthened by additional investors in our seed raise we are highly motivated and incentivized by the desire shown to us by our distribution partners.

We are built of a kind and generous group of innovators that work to make Insured Nomads the leading solution for the work from anywhere remote worker, traveler and expat. I'm so very thankful for the mindset and heart that each person pours into making this a reality. Journey with us as we grow.

My heart, mind and spirit are filled with hope, love and gratitude today as I reflect on the past and look forward to the future. God has been faithful, my faith continues to fuel me, and great people are supporting us as we advance for the good of the future of work and the welfare of humanity. If you have been a part of this success or are joining into our success tomorrow, thank you.

Andrew Jernigan

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Insured Nomads is a member of Pledge 1%, and is committed to combat modern day slavery through partnership with Not for Sale in caring for the exploited and those vulnerable to human trafficking. Learn more here about our social purpose.

Andrew Jernigan
Andrew is a global citizen; home among those who make a difference in changing what tomorrow will become. CEO of Insured Nomads.

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